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Providing cloud service to our clients with excellent quality service and always giving solutions.


What We Provide


Public Cloud

Best for businesses or organization that needs not so tight security and control and usually recommended. It is a cost saving service than private cloud service due to sharing of Public cloud hardware. Also by using a public cloud service, they can outsource some aspects of cyber security to a larger provider with more resources.


Private Cloud

Best for businesses that needs most of the control overall including cloud environment, security and performance.  It is recommended for business that needs to gather and collect or store sensitive and confidential data. It can be more costly than public cloud service but by using our service it saves so much more than by cutting time, work, professional worker and more. 



It is hard to start selecting the service right for your business or organization and our consulting advisors are here to help. We provide insights into IT industry trends related to your service. Depending on the industry we will help to and consult how and what can affect you in the future. 

Why Choose Us



Not many cloud services give consulting advises so why don't you start with us?

Recovery Plan

Terrified that all your data and work disappearing by mistake? Do not worry anymore with Cloudyare's recovery plan.

Cloud Services

It is hard choosing the right cloud service but with our multi cloud service it is now an easy decision.

Who Can We Help



Many Universities and school require costly but effective IT solutions. That is why Cloudyare is here.


As your business grows so does the data. Data collecting and storing is essential but securing the data is even more.

IT Firms

IT firms are able to achieve so much more with Cloudyare, it would be a value adding service you can not miss.

Who Helps You

Our Team

IT Team

We have a team of employees who expertise in IT sector including cloud development and also a team specialized to maintain the hardware we store our data. 

Consulting Team

A team of consulting advisors who have years of experience in both IT sector and Finance sector. The team advises not only in IT sector but also in business decision making.

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